Our Story

Wapikka is a British teddy bear company with a mission to feed some of the worlds most hungry, malnourished children.

The company was started by Ian Carpenter, a London based social entrepreneur. He wanted to build a new type of business, one that wasn’t just focused on purely making a profit. He wanted to create a business that made a massive difference in the world and start something that truly matters. He wanted to start a movement. 

The idea for creating that movement through teddy bears was sparked after a conversation with a friend, she is a grown woman who still to this day can't spend a night without her bear. 

Teddy bears are such an important part in a child’s life. They are every child’s first best friend and teach us to care and look after something else when we’re young. Right now there are still millions of children around the world going hungry. Good nutrition is the foundation for every child to live a happy, healthy life. As a business we are dedicated to providing children around the world with the food and nutrition to reach their potential.

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