Beautiful blogs for the change maker generation!

There is a movement happening across the world right now. People are standing up, becoming more aware of the change they are able to make by supporting and sharing causes and brands that they believe in. 

There are some fantastic blogs and magazines which are springing up around the world sharing stories about people, companies and non profits doing amazing things. Here are a few of the great ones.

Global Citizen

Global citizen is a community of people who want to learn about and take action on some the world’s biggest challenges.

We are big fans of Global citizen and have regularly shared some of their articles on our facebook page.

They share stories and ideas that make a difference and help to fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world. Global citizen share approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet.


Conscious magazine

Conscious Magazine is a beautiful publication that is winning hearts around the world for its thought provoking, inspiring articles and features.
The magazine explores how innovative ideas and creative solutions are used to create impact around the globe. It is a movement and a community with a strong human connection, inspiring readers through powerful storytelling and beautiful design about what it means and what it takes to be a conversation starter.

Conscious magazine
Through articles, interviews and collaborations, Conscious features global initiatives, entrepreneur/advocate stories, innovative ideas, creative solutions, conscious culture and more. Conscious collaborates with people around the world to deliver stories that inspire, educate and drive action. The magazine is distributed in 20+ countries around the world.


Good News Shared

Good News Shared was started in April 2014 by Nisha Kotecha. By working and volunteering with small charities over the years Nisha has seen first-hand the impact that a small organisation can have on people’s lives and their communities.
After discussions with people and groups all over the UK Nisha found many other people who share the view that smaller organisations deserve more interest and support, and so Good News Shared was born to shout about small organisations and charities that are punching above their weight and delivering real impact in peoples lives! 
I actually met with Nisha last year and shared my Idea for Wapikka. She was super supportive and actually was the first publication to do a small write up about our mission and work with our charity partner Mary's Meals.

Good News Shared

They aslo have a weekly podcast where Nisha interviews founders of small charities or inspiring people who are up to some big things. 

The Good Trade

The Good Trade

Launched in Los Angeles in 2014 as a community for ethically minded consumers, The Good Trade is a blog about the entrepreneurs, products and ideas that are bringing social change and business together to create good in their communities.

The blog is a quickly becoming growing a collective of conscious consumers from around the world who are tired of supporting companies that do not align with their values and eager to support companies that demonstrate social responsibility towards people and the planet. Make sure you check out some of their fantastic gift guides for ethically minded shoppers! 


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