Whats the impact of a school meal?

As you know we’re a teddy bear business committed to fighting child hunger around the world. Lots of people have asked us why we decided to focus on providing meals in schools, so we wanted to do a blog post talking more about the Impact a School meal can have on a child’s life! A daily school meal can be life changing for some children. Here’s why:

  1. Education

A meal in school helps get more kids into the classroom. Our charity partner Mary’s Meals notices a huge increase in school attendance when they start providing that school with a daily meal. Children are also more engaged with increased levels of concentration after they’ve eaten meaning they are more likely to learn and excel in school.


  1. Nutrition

For some children a school meal might be the only proper meal they eat each day meaning many children are lacking much needed nutrition.

The meals served are always nutritious, filling and locally sources. Mary’s meals currently work in 12 different countries around the world and always us locally sourced ingredients to make the meals. In Malawi (which is where our donations are going) they normally serve Maize and soya porridge which has been fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.


  1. Peace of mind

Many of families in Malawi struggle to source or afford food so they can provide regular meals at home. Having a guaranteed lunch at school can be a safety net for families helping to give parents a peace of mind. Some children even save some of their lunch to bring home to help feed the rest of their families.


  1. Brings the Community together

Mary’s Meals school feeding programmes are always owned and operated by the communities where they work, more often than not its mothers of the school children that are volunteering to prepare and serve meals.

The majority of the food is sourced from local farmers within Malawi. This helps to provide an income for those farmers and support local business where possible.

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