Our Journey so far...

It’s been a really busy, amazing few months since starting this journey with Wapikka. It began as a crazy idea I just couldn’t get out of my head and has slowly snow balled into an actual business.

I’ve had a ton of support both form those close to me and from complete strangers and supporters who connected with the mission of what we're trying to do.

I want to share with you some of the things we’ve been up too over the last few months, and give you all a bit more of a behind the scenes look of what’s been going on.

We recently received a £7500 start up loan to help us get started, this enabled us to place our first order of teddy bears with our British manufacturer. Our first order was for 150 bears, and we’re expecting them to be delivered in the first week of October.

Virgin Start Up helped us through the loan application process and have been helping us along the way, helping to shape our business plan and financial forecasts, super useful as I’m not a numbers guy by any stretch of the imagination.

Through my involvement with Virgin Start ups I also got to a attend a special event for entrepreneurs in Newcastle and sat just a few metres away from Richard Branson himself as he shared some expert tips on how to start a business. I’ve been a huge fan of Richard since I was a kid, so this was a pretty crazy day for me.

Keeping the Virgin theme going I also entered Wapikka into Virgin’s recent 'Pitch to Rich' Contest. We entered into the start up category, the winner would receive £150k worth of marketing and publicity. We didn’t quite hit that top spot however we did get over 1000 votes and were shortlisted into the second round. We finished 20th in the public vote in the category which I’m really chuffed about!

My next goal I’m setting myself is to sell those first 150 bears by Christmas which would enable us to feed 150 school children in Malawi. 

So we now have a brand spanking new website and 150 teddy bears on the way. We've come along way since that spark of an idea. Thank you for following our journey along the way. 


Founder and Chief Teddy Officer

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